Kitchen Project

A kitchen project team has been formed for specializing in providing one-stop commercial kitchen solution to customers since 2010. We offering one-stop commerical kitchen solution by professional advise with global Hoshizaki networks and strong service support.

Our experience from various catering companies such as famous Sushi Chain Store, Izakaya, Omakase & Kaiseki Cuisine, Yakitori Restaurant, Chinese Cuisine and Bakery shop. For Japanese customers, please visit < ご開店されるお客様へ > for more details.


① Kitchen Project Planning (Site Check with Discussion)

Site check is required for discussion is important before kick start of kitchen project planning. Our team will communicate with operators, owners, project manager during the consultancy stage, under conceptual design work. Besides, our professional will provide advices to owners and operators to balance between costing and efficiency and capacity of the kitchen.

② Design (Kitchen Layout Drawing)

An efficient, cost-effective and high performance kitchen is the essence of every restaurant. After a compromised kitchen layout, a kitchen equipment list will be developed upon the preferences from operator on selection of equipment. Hoshizaki also can provide product customization for creating the perfect unit for all of your needs. Our team will sourcing suitable kitchen equipment to our client not only limited to Hoshizaki’s brand but also for stainless steel product and other brands such as Maruzen, Higo-Griller, Rational, Saraya and Fujimak etc…


Cooking Equipment

We propose the best products from Japanese to local brands according to your budget and required quality for consideration. 

 Stainless Steel Products

We propose the best design for your ideal kitchen by considering of usage, workflow, conditions and structure of the kitchen.

③ Contraction (Work with Contractor)

Our team are well equipped with experience on how to follow up a kitchen project after a contract is confirmed. Full equipment submissions, shop drawing presentations, long-lead orders, are handled by our project team. Constant meeting is usually the key to avoid conflicts from sub-contractors to sub-contractors. We are there to minimize any variation order unless it is necessary and expected for site as the control on schedule and hand over date is also important. 

④ Equipment Installation & Setting

We will arrange installation & setting to the site accordingly to client request and follow up with hand over stuff with different parties accordingly to ensure everything go smooth before store opening date.

⑤ After-Sales Services

The after-sales services are not only limited to Hoshizaki’s equipment but also for our partner’s equipment. 

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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