Feel confident in our long-lasting kitchen equipment

Every Hoshizaki product is designed and developed to ensure optimum performance under strict monitoring and stringent tests to fulfill the demanding environment of the food and beverage industry. Every unit that leaves our manufacturing facilities are tested and ensured of build quality and performance.

Warranty & Maintenance Program

Hoshizaki warrants to the original owner/user that all Hoshizaki branded products shall be free of defects in material and/or workmanship for the duration of the “warranty period”. Hoshizaki’s liability under the terms of the warranty are limited and shall exclude routine servicing, cleaning, essential maintenance and/or repairs occasioned by misuse and installations not in accordance with Hoshizaki guidelines. Warranty repairs should be completed by an approved Hoshizaki dealer using genuine Hoshizaki components.

Hoshizaki Group focuses our efforts on maintenance and repair services, not just product sales. We perform repairs, part replacement, and regular inspections, as well as offering a “Yearly Maintenance Program” for proactive adjustment, repair, and part replacement to prevent malfunctions before they occur after warranty. Please contact us for more details.